Amigos y Fiesta

Fri 7 May 2010

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Also out of season we come to visit our Brioso a couple of times a year in the sunlit Andalusia. In less then 3 hours we can travel from Brussels to Sevilla. Perfect to schedule a break on a regular basis and to enjoy the Andalusian sun and atmosphere. There are countless traditional fiestas. All of them are celebrated lavishly and with passion. It seems as if they’re celebrating every single day.

The week before Easter (Semana Santa) is extra intense. People commemorate the passion of the Christ by huge processions. The fact that a few carriers carry the heavy figures through the streets is very impressive. It is nice to see how people become very emotional with the sight of the scenes.

In Rota is the Feria Primavera the most important event of the year. Every town in Andalusia has its own Feria. Men show off their horses and decorated carriages. Women wear traditional flamenco dresses. In every stall (casitas) sounds Sevillana music, people are dancing until the early hours, they eat tapas and drink rebujito. Five days of celebration.

At this point we already know we’re really gonna miss all of this. But next summer we want to continue our journey.

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September 12, 2010

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