Around the Balearic islands

Thu 4 Sep 2008

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From the Algarve to Gibraltar

We’re not ready yet to say goodbye from beautiful Andalusia. That’s why we put our journey to Italy on hold for a little while. During wintertime we come to visite our boat regularly. This way we came to meet a lot of people there. Some of them became really good friends. It feels like home. But this doesn’t mean our wanderlust is any less. Therefore we decided to make a trip around the Balearic islands and back to Rota.

Our first anchorage was near the island of Formentera. Seeing this clear turquoise water it seems like we found ourselves in the Caribbean. The islands Ibiza and Mallorca surprised us as well with their magnificent bays. Unfortunately was our stay at Menorca less enjoyable because the Mistral was blowing strong. After we had a large dose of wind in Cala Fornells we sailed back to the Spanish mainland. Before returning to Rota we made another exotic stopover in Smir, Morocco. Altogether we made an amazing 1411 miles journey.

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In love with Rota

September 12, 2008

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