Crossing through France

Tue 13 Sep 2011

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From Cadiz to Rome

From the start the dream existed to sail to Greece with Brioso. It was originally intended that we sail from Rome to Corfu this year. But we can’t deny that 5 years of salty water and southern sun weren’t gentle for our Brioso. A lot of maintenance has to be done. This isn’t that easy that far from home. Eventually we decided to bring Brioso back to Belgium. Here we can freshen him up with the appropriate materials.

Our journey started from Fiumicino via Corsica toward the coast of Southern France. First we anchored in the Gulf of St-Tropez and later we made a stop in the beautiful Calanque Port Miou. Marseille became our last seaport as we entered the Rhône in Port Saint-Louis.

From now on started our trip across France, featuring uncountable locks. This was a complete different way of traveling like we used to. The huge locks on the Rhône were totally new to us. Where did the waves go? We saw several yachts decorated with figurines or vases with flowers. Those wouldn’t last 5 minutes if they were at sea. From Lyon we continued on the Saöne, a beautiful river with picturesque villages.

The small locks from the channels with their lock keeper houses are quite charming. And sailing over aquaducts and passing through the Balesmes tunnel of 4800 meters was very impressive. But strolling across the canals turned out to go too slow for us. Sometimes it took us 8 hours to do a 25km trip with 17 locks. Our journey continued passed the Canal entre Champagne et Bourgogne, the Canal Latéral à la Marne and the Canal des Ardennes. Later we proceeded via the Meuse to the Albert Canal.

5 weeks and 258 locks later we arrived in the harbor of Schoten, near Antwerp. We already missed the sun, the sea and the southern atmosphere.

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Brioso in Lillo-Fort

July 14, 2014

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