Exploring the Peloponnese

Thu 10 Sep 2015

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During our first sailing season in Greece we made a journey along the Peloponnese, the most southern part of the Greek mainland. Soon we found the anchorage closest to perfection. The bay of  Voidokilia has a perfectly round shape and crystal clear water. The water in this small bay is only 3 meters deep. But because brioso has a draft of only 60 cm this isn’t a problem. From the beach you can walk up the hill to the old Navarino castle on top. The path leads along Nestor’s cave. The Greek heat and the steep path make this climb quite heavy, but the view is phenomenal. On top of that we were spoiled with an amazing sunset during diner on board. 

Mani is the middle one of the three peninsulas of the Peloponnese and the most special one. It comes with a rich history and there are still a lot of traditional Medieval tower houses. The landscape is rough, mountainous and arid.  The mighty Cape Tainaro is the southernmost point of the European mainland. Nearby is the beautiful but somewhat turbulent anchorage Porto Kayio. We also visited the neighboring towns Gerolimenas, Ormos Limeni and Gytheio.

In every corner of the Peloponnese there is a historical place of interest which we visited by rental car. We toured from the port of Kalamata to Olympia, antique Messene and the Byzantine Mystras. After seeing all this beauty, we sailed back to the Ionian Sea, where we spend some more time to make a tour around Zakynthos.

This year we chose Cleopatra Marina, in Preveza as the wintering place for Brioso. This is a place on the mainland in the center of the Ioninan sea, where Greeces biggest dry dock is located. It has a capacity of over 1000 wintering places.

miles sailed: 1150 miles = 2130 km

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September 11, 2016

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