From Cadiz to Rome

Sun 12 Sep 2010

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Amigos y Fiesta

It hurts to say goodbye to Rota. Some were left in tears. But we continued anyway our wanderlust to Italy.

Via the Strait of Gibraltar we sailed into the Mediterranean. First we stopped shortly in Ceuta. This city is a Spanish exclave on the Northern-African side of the Strait of Gibraltar. From here we sailed past Cartagena to the Balearic Islands. We did the first stage of the journey at a fast pace. We had already explored this region 2 years ago.

The crossing from Menorca (Fornells) to Sardinia (Alghero) was another one of 195 miles or about 22 hours. These larger crossings always make us a bit nervous. We could easily imagine more fun activities then sailing a whole night. But this trip became special however. Not only did we see a lot of sea turtles passing by our boat, but the sea sparkled night caused by millions of mauve stingers or luminous jellyfishes. At sunset the mighty cliffs of Capo Caccia rose up in the distance.

Alghero was the first harbor we visited at the west coast of Sardinia. The historical centre and his old city walls are absolutely amazing. From here we sailed to the northern coast where we could enjoy a clear turquoise sea at Capo Falcone. After that we continued via the Straits of Bonifacio to the eastern coast from the French island Corsica. Bastia, Corsica’s second biggest city, was definitely worth a visit considering the beautiful narrow street and little squares.

The next step of our journey was the Italian island Elba. Here we anchored near Marciana Marina and Portoferraio. Not the worst place to get yourself banished to, mister Napoleon. Hereafter we started the very last stage of our journey. During our trip from Santo Stefano (Italian mainland) to Fiumicino there was a strong west wind coming up. A whole day sailing with wind right into our side was not that comfortable anyway. But when we entered the Tiber we were literally pushed up the river. Fortunately, we have safely reached the port Nautilius Marina in Fiumicino. Brioso can spend the winter here on the banks of the Tiber. We took a few days to visit Rome and other places in the neighborhood before we headed home to Belgium. This was another trip of 1260 miles (2330 km).

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September 13, 2011

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