From Slovenia to Corfu

Mon 15 Sep 2014

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Finally! Brioso goes on the road from Belgium to Slovenia. After a 1300km drive on a truck Brioso arrived in Koper. It was one happy reunion with the crew, who came over by plane and a taxi ride. We’re ready for a whole new chapter.

We started in Koper, a Slovenian coastal town at the Adriatic Sea, with destination the Greek island Corfu. We sailed along the Croatian coast and its countless islands, big and tiny ones. It was the most beautiful journey, filled with gorgeous see sights, historic villages and pretty bays. Our course brought us via the islands Unije, Losinj and Dugi Otok to the national park Kornati. The latter is an archipelago of 109 islands, most of them are uninhabited. Beside we visited the islands Brac, Hvar, Vis, Korcula and Mljet. The island Vis lay furthest in the sea. Until 1989, during the period of the former Yugoslavi, there was a military base established and thus prohibited for tourists. As a result, the environment and the nature are still almost unaffected.

Our most special anchorage was the one on the small river not far from Dubrovnik. A quiet place, near a small waterfall where drinking water for the city is gained. 10 miles south of Dubrovnik, in Cavtat, we went the customs before leaving Croatia. Now we can move on to Montenegro.

Once in Montenegro we entered the impressive Kotor Bay. At the end of the bay we find the medieval town Kotor which is surrounded by a rampart. The climb is steep but the spectacular view from above is definitely worth the effort. Looking down Brioso seemed as tiny as a pinhead.

The harbor fees they asked in Budva where unacceptable high. That’s why we decided to anchor once more, next to the Sveti Stefan peninsula. Once upon a time there was a fishing village on this island. Now it’s a luxury holiday resort, called ‘the Adriatic Monaca’. When we left Montenegro 4 days later we had mixed feelings about this country. It is a magnificent place but bureaucracy is strict and not that friendly. 

From Bar we cruised in one go to Corfu. We did this 170 mile trip in 20 hours. We did visite Albania before with our off-road vehicle. It is a fantastic country and its nature is beautiful and untouched.  The Albanian Alps should be on everyones bucket list. But the cities and harbors on the coast side didn’t charm us that much and for now we couldn’t wait to get to our beloved Greece.

It didn’t take long to realize we could keep exploring the Greek waters for ages. In Corfu they put Brioso the old-fashioned way on shore. Here he may spend his winter with a view of the cruise ships.

miles sailed: 1128 miles = 2090 km

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