The first big journey

Fri 1 Sep 2006

After a few shakedown cruises in the Netherlands and Belgium we adventured our first crossing from Belgium (Nieuwpoort) to the U.K. (Dover). This was the first naval expedition for both Brioso and his crew. Not to mention how exited we were. After that we sailed via Brighton to the Channel Islands. Practice makes perfect. So we were soon mastering the current and the tides.

Once we had arrived all safe and sound in Camaret-sur-Mer we decided to continue the planned journey to the south of Spain (Cadiz). From here we will cross the Bay of Biscay which is not obvious to do with a motorboat. It’s not only important to load the boat with food supplies and fuel. Above all we have to observe the weather forecast sharply. Everything ready? Let’s go!

The first night wasn’t a comforting one at all. There has been thunder and lighting for hours. But fortunately the next day everything went calm again and we were accompanied by dolphins and even a humpback whale came to salute us. Tired but satisfied we arrived after 340 miles or 44 hours at the port of A Coruña.

Now we can continue our journey southward, passing the Ria’s of Galicia, the coast of Portugal and the beautiful Algarve in the south, to arrive after 1591 miles at Brioso’s first winter stay: Rota (Andalusia).

1591 miles = 2946 km

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From the Algarve to Gibraltar

September 3, 2007

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